Atticus Oldman & Titi-von-Tranz

The Naughty Step was a weekly Facebook Event “Get Together” for listeners of the Absinthe Affairs O’ Atticus Oldman’s Aether Broadcasts. Throughout most of its history the online gathering was co-hosted by the wonderfully irrepressible Danielle Miller who sadly passed away in the summer of 2019.

Dani AKA Titi-von-Tranz was a writer, event host, lead Singer with Cabaret Berlin and one fabulous third of the Mediaeval Biaetches along with the wonderful Gurdybird & L. M. Cooke.

Dani was also one of the most mischievous, funny and caring soul’s it has been my blessing to call a true “friend”.

While the Naughty Step has (as the members felt was correct) now been archived – We do meet each year at the anniversary of Dani’s passing in celebration of a life that brought so much light into the lives of so many others and a presence much missed by the international Steampunk community, many of whom were Dani’s personal friends, collaborators and cohorts!