An Absinthe Affair Special Edition

“I am delighted to be a part of Tea In The Clouds: Steampunkin’ Around The World hosted by The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada” – Atticus Oldman o’ Scotland!

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Steampunkin’ Around The World Playlist

Balkan Blues – AlbaRoma (Scotland)
Dark Carnivale – Frenchy and the Punk (USA/France/UK)
The Place Where Evil Grows – Valentine Wolfe (USA)
City by the Sea – Feline and Strange (Germany)
That’s what a good Doctor said – Retropolitain (France)
The Witness – Victor Sierra (France)
The Consequences of Time Travel – Vernian Process (USA)
Pleased to meet you – Chasing the Dark (England)
Welcome to the Garden – The Experiment No Q (Italy+)
Haggard Ryder – The Dark Design (England)
Prelude to the Nocturnis – The Extraordinary Contraptions (USA)
Pretty Lavinia – American Murder Song (USA)
Brunel – The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (England)
Darkness came to Stay – New Jacobin Club (Canada)
Human Machine – Poison Garden (Italy)
Gumbangubanga – Coppelius (Germany)
Death in the Candystore – Major Parkinson (Norway)
Evil genius – Crimson Clocks (England))
Gin Song – Victorian Trout Conspiracy (Scotland) – 109 swear duck
Fighting Trousers – Professor Elemental (England)
Flight of the Icarus – Nathaniel Johnstone (USA)
Fifty Drachms to Kill a Man – Ague (USA)
Hanging Man – The Wattingers (England)
The Vagabond – The Gin Rebellion (USA)
Chap Hop – The Steampunk Stompers (USA)
Rattlesnake – Caravan of Thieves (USA)
Glass House Riot – Sunday Driver UK (UK)
Funky 2 Step (In The Park) – LMJ3/SteampunkFunk Bizarre (USA/UK)
Devil’s Got My Soul – Victor and The Bully (England)
Demon Kitty Rag – Katzenjammer (Norway)
Victoria – Turm & Strang (Austria)
Beer Ran Dry – Trongate Rum Riots (Scotland

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