Founder and host of the Steampunk Almanac – Atticus Oldman is an artist, designer and digital educator based in the west of Edinburgh. A life long passion for victorian art and culture combined with a flare for the theatrical and creative eventually developed into in the establishment of the online Steampunk Almanac Of Atticus Oldman.

A core element of Atticus’s work is to encourage the expanding list of outstandingly diverse steampunk themed bands, musicians and musical performers to include the north of the UK in their tour arrangements. To further assist this ambition – Atticus has embarked on a mission to promote Steampunk music, arts and events to a wider audience via the digital airways by way of ‘The Absinthe Affair’ – A two hour aether-broadcast recorded in a lost location deep within the wynds and vennels of the living heart of Clockwork Caledonia’s ancient capital Auld Aether Reekie.

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