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Absinthe Affair Will Return February 2022!

Absinthe Affair: Evolution!
The Hogmanay edition of the Absinthe Affair will be the last show broadcast via Mixlr and available via the embedded media players on the Absinthe Affair and Steampunkery websites. While this is mainly due to Mixlr screwing with their iPad/Desktop apps and making them pretty much unusable for what I want to do – Evolution of the format of the show is long overdue and so this seems like a good time to make changes.

The idea behind these changes is to make the Absinthe Affair a real community where listeners can feel they are part of the show and are free to relax for a couple of hours each week – Far far away from the world and its problems and infuriations.

After a short break the show will return at the start of February at its usual 8pm Tuesday evening slot but will be broadcast live via a stand alone media player from Backpack Studio. Listeners can tune in directly via the link to the media player provided in the weekly event hosted by the show’s @AbsintheAffair Facebook Page – Where listeners can Q&A with guests, make requests and dedications, chat and share news, events and information.

Respect For All Expected & A LGBTQQIAAP Safe Space Always!